Nurses Speak

Calling all nurses ready to share their stories about the art and science of nursing!

Join us for NURSES SPEAK, an international workshop that will help you discover your

unique story about being a nurse and experience the transformation that occurs when you

speak it out loud. By participating in Nurses Speak, you’ll help the community learn about

the art and science of nursing and you’ll renew, grow and transform as you:

  • Honor the contributions you’ve made as a nurse.
  • Experience the transformative power of story.
  • Release your inner critic.
  • Become the author of your own nurse’s journey.
  • Develop the skills and confidence to share your story.
  • Feel the respect and acknowledgment of a supportive audience.
  • Have fun!

Your workshop facilitators, Mary Rives, M.S.W and Sally Fox, Ph.D. are certified

“StoryHealers” who use the transformative process pioneered by Santa Fe’s

internationally known solo-performance coach, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein.

Through a carefully crafted series of writing exercises, group sharing, discussion

and practice, we will support you in creating and speaking your stories.

Would you like to tell the heart of your nursing story after being expertly guided to craft that story? Know someone who would? Learn more by reading the nurses words about their experience in Nurses Speak:

“Nurses Speak is a great opportunity to reach back, appreciate the nursing journey, identify life themes, and transform the old story. Mary Rives and Sally Fox provided so much support and wise counsel. I want to express my deep appreciation to them…They created a precious space for myself and other 5 nurses to awaken our voices and then they coached us to share the final draft of our stories Monday eve at the Jean Cocteau Cinema. They were masterful. I feel the process of freeing up my voice continuing and can recommend this experience with them no matter what theme they are exploring. It’s a great honor for nurses to be so acknowledged. They are passionate about US and I hear plans to continue here and throughout the country, I wish them the best. The other 5 nurses will always have a special place in my heart, I am enriched through the power of sharing their journey and saw once again how we heal in revealing our stories. ~Alexanna Hope

“Mary Rives and Sally Fox have the courage and determination to help nurses bring this very sensitive material to the stage. AND, they did it with the highest integrity and respect for nurses. The transformation was the highlight of my nursing career. With the wonderful support of Sally and Mary as well as the group, my story has been healed.” ~Peggy Mangan RN

“Nurses Speak workshop is an intensive process by which nurses are led on a journey of introspection and personal growth through storytelling. It is the experience of a lifetime for any nurse desiring deeper self-understanding. It assisted me in going deep into my story and eliciting something I didn’t expect! It built my confidence as both a speaker and a performer.” ~Keith Carlson

“Nurses Speak is a wonderful opportunity to explore and embrace the deep story that each nurse has. Mary and Sally were very graceful and skilled when folks hit tough spots. The skillful ways you both support each person, helping them through their blocks and places of deep, unnerving vulnerability.” ~Denys Cope

In November of 2014, Mary Rives and Sally Fox, the facilitators of “Nurses Speak” appeared on RNFM Radio, the most popular nursing podcast on the Internet, to discuss their passion for guiding nurses on a powerful journey of writing, self-discovery, and monologue performance! 

  On December 8, 2014, six nurses shared their deeply moving stories in Nurses Speak in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A benefit performance for New Mexico Nurses Foundation, Nurses Speak was sponsored by Bread for the Journey and endorsed by New Mexico Nurses Association.

The triumphant nurses in front of an ecstatic audience at the Jean Cocteau Cinema:

NS1 NS Triumphant!


Gurunam Khalsa, Sally Fox (facilitator), Maria Beatriz Garcia, Keith Carlson,

      Peggy Mangan, Denys Cope, Alexanna Hope, Mary Rives (facilitator)



Contact Mary Rives at: or Sally Fox:





Mary and Sally @ Jean Cocteau 

 Facilitators of Nurses Speak,

Mary Rives and Sally Fox



“Great StoryHealers news! Two of my well trained facilitators, Mary Rives and Sally Jean Fox, are presenting Nurses Speak together in Santa Fe. Please go out and see Nurses Speak. It promises to be a rich evening of story sharing! So proud of these women!” Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Artistic Director of Storyhealers International