Meet Mary


Meet Mary

Mary Rives, MHA, BA, MS is a certified group facilitator and story coach, companion editor* and transformational author. She loves being of service and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved husband, Keith Carlson, and their affectionate cat, George.

Mary is passionate about people’s stories. With a specialty of helping elders in the early stages of dementia craft their memoirs, she also facilitates and records parents’ birthing experiences, as well as the life stories of others with tales to tell. She offers writing workshops — such as Nurses Speak and #MeToo Stories — and she’s writing her own riveting memoir, Brat Tales: Confessions of an Army Colonel’s Misfit Daughter.

*Mary has coined the term “Companion Editor” to help describe her story facilitation work. She creates relationships built upon trust, out of which her clients share their memories through the spoken word; next comes the joy of writing the stories down. For some, Mary acts as editor for a previously existing body of work; for others, she facilitates the crafting of memories into prose. Certain clients choose to record stories via video or audio, which can then be edited and shared with family and friends. 

Mary works side by side with her clients during an exhilarating, fun, gentle, and collaborative process. In addition to private sessions, she also facilitates both public and private writing workshops during which participants write and share their personal stories in a safe, comfortable group setting.

You and your loved one(s) are invited to join Mary in the storytelling experience in order to give voice to the rich stories of your lives. From childbirth and middle age to retirement and beyond, your stories are valued and valuable, and Mary wants to help you tell them. 

Mary’s Post-Graduate Training and Certifications:

  • Group Facilitator and Story Coach
  • Alzheimer’s Association’s “Savvy Caregiver” 
  • Professional Life Coach
  • Laughter Yoga Leader & Coach
  • Hospice Coordinator
  • Suicide Prevention Trainer

Mary’s interests include music, art, reading, nature, film, laughter, cooking, swimming, ceremony, storytelling, hiking, hot yoga, and deep listening.

To learn more about Mary’s husband, Keith Carlson (nurse career coach, podcaster, writer, and keynote speaker), please visit, Digital Doorway (Keith’s blog), the Mastering Nursing podcast, and The Nurse Keith Show career podcast.