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My, oh my, it’s been a whopper of summer for me and I’m genuinely curious about how it’s been for others. My life circumstances have required a lot from me this spring and summer, but I’ve still made time for summer fun. While I haven’t been to the ocean, I did swim in a lake, take summer walks and bike rides, go on picnics with loved ones, hear some live music and enjoy some juicy art in myriad forms. I even made a couple of new friends. In my book, all of that is something to shake a stick at. How has this summer been for you?

In a previous post, I mentioned being in anticipation of plenty of change ahead. Well, I’m happy to report those changes have come to pass. What a relief!

My little family made it through a few health crises and a couple of moves but we’re blessed to have each other and to have had an extended stay in our old neighborhood while transitioning to our present new home. We love our new home and it’s location. We’re grateful to have found a decent home rental in town that affords us plenty of privacy, garden space, and an inviting indoors. We love experiencing the pleasure friends and family feel in response to the house when they come to visit and we especially love how content our cat George is living here!

Many blessings to you. May you deeply enjoy the rest of this summer.